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Hidden Truths

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TITLE – Hidden Truths SERIES (& Book #) – Violet Chain Series (Book#2) AUTHOR – J Kahele GENRE – Contemporary Romance PUBLICATION DATE – December 14, 2015 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 345 / 64.783
NOTE - The book can be read as a stand-alone.

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Violet and Chain are trying to build a loving and trusting relationship, but life has a few more obstacles to throw at them.
Violet wants to know more about Chain's rocky past with his father, whilst Chain is more interested in getting Violet to commit to their relationship in a more permanent way: marriage.
To complicate matters, Chain's past holds a secret that could tear them apart forever, and he will do whatever it takes to keep the secret hidden.
This book is intended for mature audiences only!



He reached down and lifted me up and I kissed his jaw, chin and then placed small kisses down his neck. I slanted my mouth to capture his and his hand curled around my body pulling me against him. He lifted his head for one moment to glance into my eyes. I drew a breath and held it before he planted his lips onto mine, again.
Desire. Need. Want. Complete love. 
A cool breeze swept across me as the warmth of his body left mine and he reached to the hem of my dress pulling it up and lifting it over my head.


I am a proud mother of three daughters who are my absolute complete existence. I write to relieve the scattered thoughts that stream through my mind, constantly. My biggest downfall is that I am a huge procrastinator, which makes my life at times hectic!


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