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Prince of Vezul: Tallen

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TITLE – Prince Of Vezul: Tallen SERIES (& Book #) – Royalty Of Vezul (book 1) AUTHOR – C.A. Tibbitts GENRE – Sci-fi Comedy Romance PUBLICATION DATE – 5/1/16 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 44 pages PUBLISHER – Booktrope COVER ARTIST – Ashley Byland at Redbird Designs

Prince of Vezul-Tallen - Cover
Tallen, who happens to be a prince from the planet Vezul, comes to Earth seeking a woman to become his princess. He lands just outside Las Vegas, where he spies a buxom beauty named Cari. He comes to her aid when a casino patron gets a little too grabby with Cari, whom he has already decided will be his princess.
Cari lives paycheck to paycheck in her dead-end, depressing job. When a gorgeous stranger approaches her, she assumes he must be crazy with the talk of making her his princess and having his royal babies. But when he comes to her aid, she realizes she doesn’t want him to get in trouble for defending her honor. She rushes him out the back door, only to have him kiss her.
When his technology shocks her into passing out, she finds herself with this gorgeous alien on a spaceship that insists on being called “John Wayne” on a one-way trip to the planet Vezul.
Will an interspecies relationship actually work, and does love truly conquer all?



Priince of Vezul-Tallen - Teaser 2


~~~PG Rated ~~~
“Yes.” The hottie glanced at her name tag. “Char-eye,” he pronounced with a smile.
Cari’s brows furrowed and she looked at her tag to make sure it actually had her name. 
What the hell? Aww, that was so sad. Apparently he couldn’t read. “Care-ee,” she corrected, giving him a gentle smile. 
“I like that better.” A genuine smile lit up his face. “One nose, two breasts.” 
“Excuse me?” She sighed softly. As usual, the pretty ones were either gay or crazy. “Is there something you need?” 
“Yes. I am in need of a princess. Would you like me to escort you outside so that we can exchange bodily fluids and I can take you back to Vezul?” 
“Wow,” she mumbled. “As tempting and charming of an offer as that is, I think I’ll pass.” She turned sideways, hoping he’d move along to bother someone else when she broke eye contact with him. She filled the plastic cup containing gin with tonic.

Author Photo - CA Tibbitts


Hi! I'm a New York Times Bestselling author from the Midwestern United States. I'm an avid reader of anything romance! I've worked as a travel agent, nursing assistant, and a paralegal before chasing my dream of full-time writing. I love to travel, swim, cook, and I'm more than a little addicted to a certain social media website...
Currently, I write paranormal and science-fiction romance. My plan is to branch out in several romance sub-genres, but my books will always end in the infamous happily ever after.
Always hot, always sexy, my male characters will protect their women at all costs, and my female characters will be... I like to call it "feisty." I believe every story and character should be unique, and it’s something I always strive to do.
Reading should be an escape from everyday life, so I hope you enjoy my version of a vacation for you!
Fun facts about me: 1. I love birds! I have one (a parakeet). 2. I’m double-jointed, which led to teasing as a kid (which I also found funny)! 3. I have a shoe addiction! Mainly embellished flip-flops, but other kinds too (not heels, I’d break my ankles). 4. I missed a college 4.0 GPA in the very last semester when one professor gave me a B (still upset about that!)! 5. I am very OCD about certain things (see #6). 6. I have an extensive DVD/Blu-ray collection and it has to be kept in alphabetical order! 7. My favorite vacations involve a cruise. I’ve been on 15 so far! 8. I’m quiet and sort of shy until I get to know a person. 9. I’m quick witted and believe sarcasm is my best friend. 10. I hate hot weather.



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