Thursday 15 September 2016

Auctioning Affection by Allyson Lindt

Auctioning Affection, Book 3 in my Your Ad Here series is available now! To celebrate, I'm giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner, and two runners-up will get signed print copies of Selling Seduction (Your Ad Here Book 1). Keep reading for details about the book, and how to enter my giveaway.


Jonathan’s childhood ended the day Bailey got engaged.
When Jonathan is named executor of his grandmother’s estate, he refuses to let show how much her passing hurts, for fear of losing himself. He returns to the sleepy little town where she lived in the Florida Keys to find it hasn’t changed in thirteen years, but Bailey has. His best friend has grown up, has a body that’s non-stop distraction, and isn’t happy to see him.
Bailey’s furious that Jonathan isn’t openly mourning. His grandmother deserves more respect than a distracted nod from an asshole grandson who’s too focused on work to care about anything else. But whatever. Not even a couple of nights of intense, scorching-enough-to-ignite-the-sheets passion, or a handful of wonderful shared memories, can steal Bailey’s heart.
A hurricane sweeps over the Keys, stranding Jonathan. He and Bailey are forced to face the past that tore them apart, the pain that reunites them, and the truth that could destroy them both.
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A door slammed into stone, and then rattled back and forth, causing her to squeal and jump. She covered her mouth, embarrassed at the reaction.
“Cellar?” Jonathan asked.
“What are the odds the cat’s down there?”
“Depends on if this is a coincidence, or the gods just want to make me squirm.” She gave him a nervous smile. The house had an outdoor cellar that had given her the creeps for as long as she could remember. She and Jonathan followed the cement steps down to the wooden door that rattled in the wind. Beyond that lay stone walls and wooden shelves. Once upon a time, they were full of canned goods the local people gave Nana as thank-you gifts for various things. Over the last few years, she’d worked to get rid of most of the stock and empty the room.
Bailey swung the beam of the flashlight, and it caught the shelves, casting tall shadows on the far wall. “Yup. Still freaking creepy.”
“I’ll keep you safe,” Jonathan said in an artificially loud baritone. “As long as there are no spiders.” He rested a hand at the small of her back and nudged her forward. The warmth of his palm seared through her shirt and calmed her more than she wanted.
A hiss drew her attention, and she pointed the light toward the sound. Luci crouched on the top of a shelf, a few feet away, next to a bowl. “Come here, princess,” Bailey cooed.
The cat flattened her ears and bared her teeth, then leapt. Her tail caught the bowl, sending it tumbling down on top of Jonathan and soaking him with rancid water. Luci landed on Bailey’s shoulder and allowed herself to be cradled.
“Fucking hell.” Jonathan grimaced and shook away the foul-smelling liquid.
This time Bailey couldn’t hide her laugh. “I’m sorry.” She sounded anything but. “I shouldn’t.”
He gave her a sheepish grin. “You should. And we should get back inside, so I can rinse this off. Ugh.”
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