Tuesday 22 November 2016

Summer Fling Relaunch

Summer Fling

Players of Marycliff University

Book 1

Jerica MacMillan

New Adult Sports Romance

Relaunch Date: November 22, 2016


One summer is all they have ...

Lance is a notorious player on and off the football field who never sees a girl more than twice.  But with graduation now behind him, his days of carefree flirting are numbered.  As soon as his summer internship is over, his parents expect him to return to Texas to take his place in the family business.  He’s done everything he can to delay the inevitable, and he’s determined to live it up his last summer as his own man.

Abby comes from a world where men don’t stick around.  Lance’s interest does nothing but put her on guard, especially when she finds out he’ll be leaving in less than two months.  With two years left of college and a mom who relies on her for everything, Abby doesn’t have the patience for relationships that are doomed from the start.  But Lance's persistence wears down her defenses.  Abby convinces herself they’ll just have a summer fling, and she’ll be able to come through unscathed.

Will Abby be able to maintain her distance?  Or will they both be heartbroken when the summer ends?

If you love steamy college romance featuring hot athletes and sassy heroines, check out this first installment in the hot new series everyone is raving about!

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Abby nodded, and Lance moved in to kiss her again.  His tongue swept past her lips, sliding against hers, teasing and tasting.  His hands, like earlier, roamed down her back and gripped her ass once again.  He pulled her tightly against him, grinding their hips together. 

Her hands were trapped between them.  She ran them over his chest, feeling the planes of his muscles, gripping the fabric of his t-shirt to pull herself closer.  

One of Lance’s hands traveled up to her back, sliding under the hem of her tank top, teasing the skin just under the waistband of her shorts.  His fingers slid lower, sliding along the top of her ass, while his other hand kneaded her flesh through her clothes.  

With a small sound of frustration in the back of his throat, Lance broke off the kiss.  He led her the few steps to his bed, sitting down on the edge and positioning her between his legs.  

Abby wasn’t sure what he was doing.  She stopped caring when he raised her shirt and began kissing her stomach, his tongue teasing along the edge of her belly button.  Her hands went to his head, threading her fingers through his hair, enjoying the feeling of his mouth against her skin.  She felt his hands slide up the backs of her thighs.  He gripped her ass briefly before sliding around to the front.  He made short work of unbuttoning and unzipping her shorts, pulling back so he could look at her face and watch her reaction.   

He didn’t immediately push her shorts off her hips like Abby had expected.  He left them hanging there, running his hands back around, caressing her waist and hips before finally sliding his hands under the fabric.  

He groaned when he encountered bare skin.  “Abby, are you wearing underwear?”

She licked her lips and nodded.  “A thong.”  Her husky whisper matched his.

“Can I see?”

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About Jerica MacMillan

Jerica MacMillan is a lifelong reader and lover of romance.  Nothing beats escaping into a book and watching people fall in love, overcome obstacles, and find their happily ever after.  She was recently named a semi finalist in Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write 2015 contest.

Jerica is living her happily ever after in North Idaho with her husband and two children.  She spends her days building with blocks, admiring preschooler artwork, and writing while her baby naps in the sling.  Join her Book Club at www.JericaMacMillan.com and get a free book!

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