The Graphics Shed

The Graphics Shed

First and foremost, thanks for being interested in me and my business, The Graphics Shed. In a world where publishing books seems easy, quick and straight forward, being an Indie author can sometimes be anything but.

As an Indie author myself, I know how frustrating and time consuming it is to get your book ready and that’s why I want to help other authors in any way I can.

How I work.

If you would like to purchase a pre-made cover, these are the things I need to know. Your title, pen name and blurb, if it’s full wrap cover, and the font you’d like me to use.

To help you out even more, I’ll even format the cover for you so that it’s ready to upload straight to Createspace. All I’ll need to know is your book size, paper colour and page count.

Once the designs are complete – normally within hours of your order – I’ll send you a permanent link where you can download the files.

Here are a few samples of pre-made covers I have available.


If you would like a custom cover, we need to grab a cuppa and have a chat. I want to know about your book. Most graphic designers get a glimpse of your idea and go from there, but I really want to know about it. The more info I have, the better the cover will be.

We can chat over Facebook, Skype or any other messenger that you prefer.

As I design your cover, I will send you over screen shots and you can navigate me to how you want it to look.

I’ve worked with several authors who say ‘I’m sorry, but can we change…’ or ‘You’re going to hate me, but…’

I’ll tell you now, that I will not be happy until you’re happy. This is your book, your baby and you’ve worked hard on it. Your cover should reflect your book and I will keep on going.

I won’t hate you and I won’t get annoyed (I’m pretty laid back like that).

I search several sites for premium images and go for the cheapest ones, because I like to keep my prices as low as possible for authors.

Once your cover is complete, I’ll need your book size and page count so that I can format the cover for Createspace. If you don’t have that info yet, no worries. Just get the details to me when you have them and I’ll complete the order.

Here are some samples of custom covers I've made.


3D graphics are a great way to grab a reader's attention. I can customize all sorts of graphics using your cover.

Here's a sample of the 3D graphics I've done.


Other types of designs:

If you’re after template designs for printed products, I can do those, too. Bookmarks, banners, business cards etc . . . Just let me know where you’re getting them printed and what size and I’ll get to work on the design(s) you want.

Social media graphics can also be done (Facebook, Twitter, etc . . .) Again, just let me know what you want.

Here are a few samples of things I can do.


What I can’t/won’t do.

I won’t use images that have watermarks on them, that’s a big no-no. I’m more than happy to use images that you have purchased yourself, but you must have the license to use them.

I will not do anything that promotes or engages in anything to do with bestiality, pedophilia, etc…

I won't use celebrity pictures for covers or teaser pics. This is a huge 'n o-no' in the industry.

I can’t and won’t use fonts that are copyrighted to someone else. Regardless if sites say ‘commercial use okay’, if it’s a registered font (Charmed, Batman, etc…) I won’t use it.


Upon completion of your graphics, Magic of Books Promotions will offer a special discount for you for your release. 


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me either at

The Graphics Shed on Facebook

I really hope to see you soon, but if not, good luck with publishing! :)

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