Wednesday 7 October 2015

Destiny Undone by Amanda Heartley



Destiny Undone 2 Ras

Destiny Undone 3

Destiny Undone 4

Destiny Undone 5

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Interracial couple being intimate in front of window


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Amanda Heartley is a writer, born and raised in Oklahoma and subsequently transplanted into the hustle and bustle of Southern California. She’s a country girl at heart with an insatiable weakness for sexy men and feisty women. Her first publications were made available in July 2013. In her spare time, she plays Mom, Chef, Ninja, Taxi, and Nurse while she hangs out with her four wonderful children and 2 loveable mutts. You can probably find Amanda drinking a green smoothie, relaxing in her back yard, writing another steamy book on her iPad.

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