Wednesday 2 December 2015

Fantasize With Me by Andi Aries

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Vol. 2 of Fantasize with Me is a M/M erotic short story that explores Kyle’s fantasy. What’s your pleasure? We all have at least one fantasy. Whether or not you’ll give in to your desires depends on how brave and adventurous you are. Who am I? I’m the man who can help you experience every single fantasy you have. Not the ones where you’re rescued from a castle in a land far away. I’m no prince. I mean the carnal desires you keep in the dark corners of your mind. The fantasies you hide from everyone else, because they’d never understand. I’m the man who knows exactly how to drive you wild and give you what you really want. The only way you can find me is if you’re referred by one of my previous clients. My service is unique, but pricey. If you have one of my cards in your possession and can afford me, I suggest you use it. Contact me. I’ll make your fantasies become a reality you’ll never forget.


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Andi Aries is a reader turned writer. She has a lot of stories in her head and finally decided to put them to paper. She’s a wife, mom, and lover of books. Her days are filled with taking care of her kids, while her nights are filled with the stories she reads and the ones she writes. She resides in a small town in the middle of nowhere and loves it.




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