Wednesday 16 March 2016

MC: Series by L. Ann Marie

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Have you ever heard of an MC that cherish their women? Old ladies that take care of their kids and community? These are the people I write about.

The alpha men with their strong women working together to make their part of the world better. Sure they have wars, questionable practices, alright they could be thrown in jail for what they do but they do it for the right reasons.

My stories start with one. An autistic man that the government trained and his MC values. They go on to expand membership in the MC and change to legitimate businesses. As the MC grows we see more women shining through, holding their own and taming (ok, at peace) with the alphas.

Every book deals with a different subject, domestic abuse, gang wars, human trafficking, disabilities etc. Every book has a strong woman showing how she got to be with her alpha.


1 MC Knight Front

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2 MC LaPonte front

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3 MC LaPonte-Karr front

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4 Pres front

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5 MC Blackhawk front

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6 MC Tailley front

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7 MC Callahan front

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8 MC Brighton front

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9 Geek front bc (2)

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I was an account executive that became unemployed when the market crashed. Writing was a labor of love but never a paying one. I am brand new to the author world. When I found people actually reading them I wrote more. With this being number fourteen I still haven’t found a way to make the characters stop talking to me. Now I'm trying to learn about marketing, pages, and review based sales...eeeks. I like writing better!




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