Wednesday 29 May 2013

My First Post!

I thought that my first post here should be profound, moving and inspirational.

And then I laughed.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't do any of the above.

I am sarcastic and put a lot of humour into my writing. I live in the UK, which means a lot of people don't get my funny side outside of this country, but after writing for quite a while in an American format, I think I can get my point across to most :)

Oh my God, shock horror, I do, in fact, write fan fiction....

... Anyone still with me?

So yes, I write fan fiction and I have a great time doing it. It helps me release a lot of stress from my daily life and I have made so many friends with in the fandom, I feel pretty blessed, right about now.

Although I am a designer at heart (still learning, by the way) I do love writing when my children and hubby gives me the chance to. 

I swear way too much for any normal person, but then again, I've never admitted to being normal (It's boring).

I have an unhealthy appetite of arguing with my best friend, R.E. Hargrave over food (the joys of living across the pond from each other) and I still argue the toss that you should eat bacon with a fork!  

Anyhoo, this is me.

Feel free to stick around to my books coming up at some point in the (hopefully) near future!


  1. Bacon is crispy and NOT eaten with a fork. Unless, of course, it's Canadian bacon. Love you, babe! To the readers: she failed to mention she's also my amazing book cover designer!

  2. RE Hargrave is so right. There is no way in hell can you eat crispy bacon with a fork. If Canadian bacon is crisp it's not good, IMHO. I look forward more pearls of wisdom from you Tammy. *smiles* I, by the way, even though I live across the pond, enjoy your humor!